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- 铸天地正气 管人间暖凉 - Value Philosophy -Casting the Heaven and Earth's Righteousness


、核心理念:在学习中成长,在创新中发展。 1. Core concept: Grow in learning and develop in innovation.

,我们所处的时代是一个充满竞争的时代,我们只有具备比对手更强的学习意识、更快的学习能力,更好的学习成效,我们才能先人一步、胜人一筹 ,从而立于不败之地。 " Growing in learning " , we are in an era full of competition. Only when we have a stronger learning consciousness, faster learning ability, and better learning results than our opponents, can we "be one step ahead and win." One chip " , thus standing invincible.

资源The knowledge and abilities of each of us are not only the personal capital for our lives, but also a reliable " resource " for the survival and development of an enterprise. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to continuously invest in training and education based on post practice, and for employees to persist in interactive and shared learning; to learn from colleagues, advanced learning, excellent companies, and competitors; to use various occasions, Various tools and various ways to learn, communicate and communicate. Enterprises and individuals must grow together in their studies.

在创新中发展 ,学习是创新的基础,创新是学习的升华。 " Developing in innovation " , learning is the foundation of innovation, and innovation is the sublimation of learning. Without learning, there will be no innovation, and if you do not want to innovate, learning will have no direction. Learning is the ladder of our growth, and innovation is the source of motivation for our development. Innovation includes both horizontally original innovations and vertical comparisons of learning or imitation innovations; both institutional innovations, technological innovations, management innovations, and business field innovations, as well as innovations in thinking and ideas . The development history of Xinxing Casting Pipe Co., Ltd. is actually a history of one-step innovation: we have developed from a small military steel plant with less than 100,000 tons of production to a cast pipe group with the highest output in the world, which is conceptual innovation, technological innovation and management innovation. Comprehensive reflection. Now, in the context of the era of economic globalization, we have stood on a wider international platform. There will be more unknown fields to be explored, more problems to be solved, and more The goal remains to be pursued. We need to go one step further and continue to promote institutional innovation, business model innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. Developing in innovation also means not afraid of failure, looking at failure in a positive perspective, and tolerating failure with a positive attitude; we must be good at summing up the past, planning the future, dare to self-criticize, self-deny, progress in criticism, and improve in negation.

在学习中成长,在创新中发展落实到具体工作中,就是坚持两个解放,促进创新发展 ,通过创建学习型企业,打造创新性团队,建设思考型班子,争做专业型员工。 " Growth in learning, development in innovation " is implemented in specific work, that is, " adhere to the two emancipations and promote innovation and development " . By creating a learning enterprise, creating an innovative team, building a thinking team, and striving to be a professional employee .

、核心价值观:互利共赢,同创共享。 2. Core values: Mutual benefit and win-win, sharing and sharing.

Mutual benefit Mutual benefit means mutual benefit, mutual benefit and profit. A win-win situation means that companies, customers, suppliers, and partners can realize benefits through mutually beneficial transactions between two or more parties, thereby improving their economic benefits.

同创共享的主体包括国家、社会,股东、客户、供应商以及合作伙伴,企业员工。 Tongchuang sharing " Tongchuang " and " sharing " include the country, society, shareholders, customers, suppliers and partners, and corporate employees.

As a state-owned enterprise, our largest shareholder is the state. With rich profits and outstanding performance, we can maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets, and solve problems for the country with strong economic strength.

经济力社会力正共同构成企业的竞争力 ,为此,现代企业管理理论越来越强调企业的社会责任,为社会贡献是企业生存发展的神圣使命。 The survival and development of an enterprise depends on good social relations. In addition to facing the market, the enterprise must also face the entire society (such as the government, the media, the community, etc.). " Economic power " and " social power " are together forming the company's " "Competitiveness. " For this reason, modern corporate management theories increasingly emphasize corporate social responsibility, and contributing to society is the sacred mission of corporate survival and development.

主人 ,战略投资者也为我们注入了厚实的资源。 Shareholders are our founders and investors, they are our " owners " , and strategic investors have injected us with solid resources. The value chain formed by customers, suppliers and partners is the core of competition between enterprises. We want to be a beneficiary of Bafang, give our shareholders a generous return, give our customers high-quality and cheap products and thoughtful services, and maximize the value for our suppliers and partners.

State-owned enterprises also bear the political responsibility entrusted by the party to cultivate socialist builders and maintain stability. We need to help employees continuously improve their tastes and abilities, inspire employees to fully display their talents, create value in life, give employees spiritual sublimation and emotional care, and enjoy the fruits of reform together, and contribute to maintaining the overall stability and promoting the healthy development of enterprises.

、团队理念:和衷共济、同心致远。 3 , team philosophy: work together and go together.

Help one another and cross the river together. Metaphors work together to overcome difficulties.喻内心, 为渡河。 " Zhong " means the heart, " Ji " means crossing the river. Metaphors unite and help each other in difficult situations to overcome difficulties together. A team is a group of working people composed of cooperating individuals in order to achieve a certain goal. Guided by a common goal, they are task-centric, work together, and cooperate with each other. Give yourself what you are doing.

使达到, 距离长,意喻未来。 Concentric Zhiyuan achieves " to " , and " distant " means a long distance, which means the future. With one heart, you can move to the future, and the future is the goal. If you think about it in one place, you can achieve your goal. A collective and a team always come together for a common goal. And to achieve the common goal, every member of this collective and team must work together, work together, think in one place, and work in one place. Only in this way can we form a joint force and use collective wisdom and strength to achieve a common vision and goal.

、企业情怀:铸丹心铁骨、管通四海创造美好生活。 4. Corporate sentiment: Forging a sturdy heart and managing the world to create a better life.

This is our common vision, the goal is the ideal and the feelings. Corporate sentiment runs through our production lines, from iron, steel, rolled, cast pipe to platform economy. We work diligently around the main axis of operation, work hard and make progress, with low cost, high output, and excellent performance. We have better developed the value of natural resources than others, brought together the advantages of industrial ecology, and provided high-quality products for the benefit of society. At the same time, the company's feelings run through our ideal pursuit, "casting" is the will quality of the emerging cast pipe man, the red heart and the fiery red hot metal reflect each other, and cast our reinforced iron bones, with the tolerance of the world, and the heart of the "Belt and Road", hand in hand Jiang Dahai transforms the world and creates a better life.

、生产经营理念:尚勤崇简,乐变求新,笃行务实,兴业报国。 5. Production and operation concept: Shang Qin Chongjian, happy change and innovation, pragmatic and pragmatic, prosperous industry to serve the country.

We respect and respect hard-working and simple qualities and attitudes, and are willing to pursue openness, tolerance, innovation and breakthrough mentality and courage; with the action and style of integrating knowledge and action, seeking truth from facts, we can build a long-term enterprise with a foundation and fulfill the mission of contributing to society and serving the country.

Shang Qin Chong Jian-industry wide but diligent, the road is simple. Shangqin Chongjian is the excellent tradition and virtue of the Chinese nation, and it is also the quality and attitude of our work.

Happy change and innovation-change and innovation is the fundamental path for the development and progress of human society. What is flowing in the blood of emerging cast pipes is the exploration and innovation that dare to be the first and the first. The reform and innovation are always on the road. The key is to change and seek new. Attitude is the initiative and willingness to change and seek newness, the advancement and leadership of change and innovation, to embrace change and create the future.

Dedication and pragmatism-"Dedication" is the final stage of learning, emphasizing firm belief, unity of knowledge and action, advocating hard work and down-to-earth, dedication to development, and dedication to doing business, reflecting the actions and style of unity of knowledge and action, seeking truth from facts.

Prospering the country-"Prospering the industry" is the way and foundation. It does not cause any trouble to the society, but only contributes to the country. It takes the motherland into consideration and serves the people. What is reflected here is our responsibility and responsibility, original intention and mission, ability and cultivation.

、铸管精神 6 , the spirit of casting

The country's national feelings

Hard work and dedication, consciously forge ahead

Fertile soil, fair and clean fertile ground for entrepreneurship

Strict and precise execution   

Dare to be pioneering, scientific and pragmatic


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